Monday, June 28, 2010

Another Fairy!

Can you tell fairies and dragons are my 'thing' ? lol
This is actually my first go at using different types of sketching pencils, seriously, I always used 1 HB graphite pencil but I grabbed a set of 12 graphites the other day ranging from 6B to 5H and had a bit of a play with the different softnesses (is that a word?)
Anyway this is for my sister in law who is yet another person who has been patiently waiting for one of my sketches. Hope she likes it.
I used a stock photo from and the lovely model's name is Elandria, u can find her here
The photo is not the best quality as I am working with a cam-corder and a laptop at the moment so I might get a better shot when I get my old pc up and running again.
Kristy xo