Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Made with a scrap kit in Paintshop Pro then added the butterflies in Animation Shop. Click on the pic to see them moving.

I just realized how much stuff I have that I can put on here! I made this tag for a Richard Laymon fan forum. One of my all time favorite authors.
Photo editing done with Paintshop Pro

I drew this for my brother for his 21st birthday. I had it professionally framed and it turned out pretty good.
I have a lot of people wanting drawings done for them now but it is not something that I can just do on demand. I like to take my time and surprise people when they finally get one. When I decide to draw something I do a lot of research before I start like printing out other peoples artwork and checking out how they have posed the subject and shaded different areas.
I love drawing, its good therapy...
Hello, welcome to my Blog. Not sure what I am doing yet. Think I might post some of my drawings and photo editing stuff. Stay tuned...